Goddess Lycia (mistress_lycia) wrote in fetishist,
Goddess Lycia

I'm so proud

One of My favorite boyz, "desperate," just published his first book!

That Taste Again

Product Description:

A tour through a virtual terrain of transgression and commerce. Jonathan Direx, living in Brooklyn, fresh from college, and in possession of his mother's credit card-narrates an overload of erotic tales which take place on the phone, on the web, and in person. As these stories interweave, the boundaries between friendship and lover, gay and straight, real and unreal all but deteriorate. What at first seems a kaleidoscopic examination of Internet fetishes such as erotic hypnosis and gender transformation becomes a reflection on the power dynamics present in every relationship, even the ones that seem most ideal. The vivid characters in this book include an impotent existential pedant, a fairy-like nymphet, a 40-year old Professor who exudes Platonic charm to woo younger men, a voluptuous British woman caught between her erotic attraction to Jesus and her love for whiskey, and a 36-year old phone sex operator who once weighed 300lbs-and, at the time of the book, lives alone with her dying grandmother. Often Hilarious, tragic, and disturbing this book tours a world that is all too accessible to so many of us in this hyper-charged millennium. This exploration of a cyber-libertine (ala Henry Miller and George Bataille) marks a new turn in the tradition of literary smut.

And one of the characters was inspired by ME.

I just bought it, can't wait to read.
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